Jayna Manoushe wearing an assuit

Some of Jayna’s first memories took place in the middle of the dance floor at home, amongst the painted toes of the ladies of her mother’s Bellydance troupe, Caravan. Though most of those toes probably wanted to kick little Jayna (gently, of course) out of their dance space, she was oblivious…the magical sounds of their shimmying coined belts, the beautiful way their hair fanned out when they would spin and turn, the thrill she felt when they would zagahreet like some wild Disney cartoon animals she’d seen on TV on Saturday mornings…it was where she knew she wanted to be.

Today, this is still where she wants to be: more in love with Bellydance than ever. Jayna’s main goals are to continue to learn and teach the beauty, complexity and emotional camaraderie the incredible art form of Bellydance has to offer.